Advocare Clear Mood

Chronic and persistent stress can lead to depression, emotional problems, and other forms of anxiety and worry. Taking Advocare Clear Mood is marketed as a suitable treatment option for those emotional problems. Designed to treat a broad range of concerns, from elevating mood to treating symptoms of stress and anxiety, Advocare Clear Mood is definitely one of the more popular choices for people looking for a natural way to deal with their health issues.

Advocare Clear Mood claims to be a natural treatment option for people suffering from high levels of depression or stress. But, does that mean that you should put your money on it? Can it be taken with other prescription drugs to get better results? We have created this review to answer these questions and see if Advocare Clear Mood is really what it claims to be.

Advocare Clear Mood Pros

  • Could help improve mood balance
  • Supports sense of well-being
  • Relieves stress and improves productivity

Advocare Clear Mood Cons

  • Limited information regarding the ingredients
  • Not available in stores, offline
  • Not safe and suitable for everyone
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Advocare Clear Mood

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What You Need To Know About Advocare Clear Mood

Like many other supplements in this category, Clear Mood makes big claims about easing the symptoms of anxiety and stress by providing nutritional support for relaxation. Advocare, the company behind the product, is manufacturing supplements with more than 20 years, but this does not mean that they will always come up with something that proves effective for everyone. The same holds true for Clear Mood, which is designed to address concerns related to energy input, weight loss, performance, and wellness, but falls short of its claims because of many reasons.

What Are The Side Effects Of Advocare Clear Mood?

Clear Mood is not safe to use during pregnancy, which suggests that it is not 100% natural. Ingredients such as 5-hydroxytryptophan can lead to some common side effects, such as gas, nausea, bloating and decreased sex drive. The manufacturer gives some vague warnings against the use of Clear Mood while taking other classes of drugs, such as sleep aids, antidepressants, and tranquillisers. Failing to comply with this might result in serious reactions.

How Much Does Advocare Clear Mood Cost?

A bottle of Clear Mood contains 90 capsules, and it costs you $27.95/bottle. It may seem a bit expensive as compared to many other formulas, especially considering the fact that the bottle will only last you a month if you stick with a maximum recommended dosage of three capsules a day. They do have an auto-shipment plan, but unfortunately, you do not get a money-back guarantee when you opt for this product.

Our Verdict On Advocare Clear Mood

Although advertised as a potent formula to prevent anxiety and promote a general sense of well-being, Advocare Clear Mood does not have enough reviews to back the claims the company makes regarding the product. The formula itself has not been the subject of any scientific research or clinical trial. Moreover, there are certain side effects and concerns – it is important to not mix it with many other prescription drugs, avoid driving after taking the supplement, and be ready to deal with gastrointestinal issues as well. If you buy it and it does not work for you, there is no way to get a refund. Overall, it is certainly not a great choice, especially considering many other supplements with formulas backed by scientific research and consumer reviews.

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Advocare Clear Mood Review

Manufactured by Advocare, Clear Mood is supposed to work by allowing the nerves and cells to function properly. By promoting the function of nerves and cells, it helps alleviate stress and anxiety symptoms. It contains L-Theanine and 5-HTP, both of which help improve the activity of naturally occurring substances acetylcholine and serotonin. These active compounds are supposed to be the reason why Clear Mood promotes a general sense of well-being.

Advocare Clear Mood Facts

  • Manufactured by Advocare.
  • 90 capsules per bottle.
  • Available only through selected distributors.

The amino acid 5-hydroxytryptophan is important for the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin, mainly because 5-HTP is the synthetic form of L-tryptophan that has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. This in turn triggers the release of serotonin that helps regulate body temperature, moods, sleep cycles, and appetite. Clear Mood also contains the magnolia bark extra, which is traditionally used in the treatment of digestive problems, menstrual cramps, colds, asthma, and nausea. The extract contains antioxidants that are 1000 times more potent than vitamin-E. These antioxidants prevent oxidative damage and work to relieve stress.

How to Take Advocare Clear Mood

It is easy to take this supplement and you can take up to three capsules a day. Take a capsule after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Be sure to drink enough water while taking the capsule and after it to help push it down your system. Water helps improve its digestion. You have to be over 18 years of age to take this supplement.

However, it is important to bear in mind that though antioxidants from magnolia extract offer anti-stress benefits, they are recommended for a short-term use only. Taking it for more than 6 weeks can cause side effects. Unfortunately, the website has not covered Clear Mood side effects, but they have mentioned that pregnant and nursing women should not use it, which is a testament to the fact that the formula contains something more than what they have advertised.

Advocare Clear Mood Concerns:

  • No money-back guarantee.
  • Incomplete list of ingredients.
  • Not safe for pregnant and breast-feeding women.

What Does Advocare Clear Mood Claim To Do?

Advocare is marketed as a supplement for people struggling with anxiety and stress. The company claims that the supplement helps enhance your mood and boost your energy levels, and works through provision of neurotransmitters. The claimed benefits of Advocare Clear Mood include the following:

  • It helps alleviate mood because of its researched active ingredients with proven potency.
  • It helps keep levels of energy high throughout the day.
  • It boosts the synthesis of serotonin and keeps anxiety at bay.
  • It helps lower weight by suppressing your appetite.
  • It is an affordable choice, especially considering the high price of many other popular supplements.

Does Advocare Clear Mood Work?

While Advocare Clear Mood does contain certain ingredients that may boost the activity of the neurotransmitter serotonin, it is not as potent as many other high-rated supplements in the market. That is mainly because it lacks some key ingredients that may improve mental and physical performance and promote relaxation. The lack of concrete evidence and clinical researches is another reason why it may not be the first choice for most buyers.

It claims to reduce weight by suppressing appetite – 5HTP works as an appetite suppressant – but the effect is not that apparent. Increasing the dose to get weight-loss benefits would result in gastrointestinal problems, which is why Clear Mood is never a good choice to get weight-loss benefits. Moreover, it is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women, and since the list of ingredients is not complete, we have to say that you should look for another supplement with clear information about ingredients and some scientific data to back its effects.

What Are The Ingredients of Advocare Clear Mood?

The supplement does contain some effective ingredients, but the complete list of ingredients is missing. They use proprietary formulas and have not provided details about individual ingredient quantities.

Here is more about the main ingredients found in Advocare Clear Mood:

  • 5-HTP: Also known as 5-hydroytryptophan, it is a precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin, which improves mood. It is considered an effective sleep aid, antidepressant, and appetite suppressant, but exceeding the recommended dosage can cause side effects, such as drowsiness, gas, nausea, and decreased sex drive.
  • L-Theanine: Commonly found in tea, L-Theanine is an amino acid that is believed to increase GABA levels in the brain, which in turn help improve the production of the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. Theanine can actually prove beneficial if it could penetrate the blood-brain barrier, but there is no clear scientific evidence to confirm its potency.
  • Rice Flour: It helps maintain your levels of energy and is a much better option than wheat flour, which is not a suitable choice for people with gluten intolerance. It also has more fibre and protein, which help with weight management. However, too much of rice flour can cause bloating and other gastrointestinal issues.
  • Magnolia Extract: It contains antioxidants that eliminate free radicals and lower inflammation caused by chronic stress. Long-term use is not recommended, and it increases risk of miscarriages in pregnant women, which is another reason why Advocare Clear Mood is not safe during pregnancy.

Does Advocare Clear Mood Have Any Side Effects?

While it does help you tackle occasional stress in a more effective way, we can safely say that it is not something you might want to use to deal with your chronic stress. There certainly are much better and more effective ways to boost mood and treat stress. Moreover, the manufacturers say that the ingredients used in the product are safe for use, but at the same time, they suggest that pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using it.

These contradictory statements raise concern regarding the effectiveness of the product and show that the list of ingredients mentioned on the product is not complete. Moreover, the presence of 5-hydroxytryptophan indicates that you need to pay attention to how much you consume because an overdose can lead to certain side effects, such as drowsiness, gas, nausea, and decreased sex drive. Similarly, magnolia extract is not safe for pregnant women, as it triggers contractions and cause miscarriages. Other ingredients like rice flour and L-Theanine are also not recommended for long-term use.

Another thing not going in favour of Advocare Clear Mood is the fact that it does not come with a money-back guarantee. It is probably because of the unavailability of this guarantee that not many people decide to give it a try, as the number of consumer reviews available online are on the limited side.

The supplement can interact with prescription sleep aids, antidepressants, alcohol, and tranquillisers, so it is imperative that you do not take when you are already on prescription drugs. It can cause dizziness, so avoid driving or operating heavy machinery after taking. Do not take Clear Mood if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Advocare Clear Mood?

The number of reviews available for Clear Mood is quite limited, and after in-depth research, we could safely say that most of the reviews were not in favour of this product. There certainly are some positive reviews, but most people have complained about feeling dizzy afterwards.

I have ADHD and this product made things worse. It was definitely able to help me have a “clear” head but my head was a little TOO clear. I would blank out and feel like I was experiencing time lapses. Taking this was just not a good experience for me. I’d rather have racing thoughts than be brain dead.

Love this stuff! I’m a teacher & it definitely gives me a little clarity to keep going!

Tried this for the first time. Made me tired and gave me a headache. Kind of had a dizzy feeling too. I wouldn’t get this again, won’t even finish the bottle.

Does Advocare Clear Mood Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

No, it does not. In fact, they have not specified any details about what you should do if you do not like the product or find it ineffective.

Where Can I Buy Advocare Clear Mood?

You can buy it through their official website. Simply go their website, click buy, and locate a distributor to place your order.

Advocare Clear Mood

1.8 out of 5
Editor's Rating
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee
The most popular consumer choice in 2021 is OmniMind

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