Alpha ZXT

Alpha ZXT is a nootropic supplement that comes with a lot of claims about celebrity use as well as all sorts of unbacked up hype. These days when you go to buy it online you are taken to a completely different product called Brain Plus IQ. With our scam sensors on red alert, we take an in depth look to try and find out what is going on.

Alpha ZXT has a achieved a certain notoriety in supplement circles because of a marketing campaign using false celebrity endorsements for the product. Jamie Foxx, Tiger Woods and even Prof Stephen Hawkins are all supposed to have taken this pill to improve their brain power.

Alpha ZXT Pros

  • There are no positive points about this supplement

Alpha ZXT Cons

  • No ingredients information
  • When you click on the buy button, you are directed to another supplement
  • Looks like a scam
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What You Need To Know About Alpha ZXT

Alpha ZXT is a nootropic supplement that comes with very little background information. You are not even told what the pills contain and this combined with an internet campaign claiming that celebrities have taken this supplement, makes it look very dodgy and untrustworthy. If you do want to buy it from the official website, you are directed to another supplement entirely. It looks like a scam product and you should avoid it.

What Are The Side Effects Of Alpha ZXT?

Side effects are unknown because the ingredients are unknown and there is no customer feedback to relate real life experiences. Side effects related to Phosphatidylserine include insomnia and stomach pain. There is a risk of contracting CJD if this ingredient has been derived from cows brains.

How Much Does Alpha ZXT Cost?

Alpha ZXT costs $49.85 for a 60 capsule bottle.

Our Verdict On Alpha ZXT

Alpha ZXT is a shockingly bad supplement. The ingredients list is not provided so you really will have no idea of what you are taking or whether it is even safe. In addition we are not even told where it is made. We feel it is unlikely that Alpha ZXT is manufactured in the USA in compliance with good manufacturing practice. In our opinion it is more likely to have been made in China with no regards to any safety concerns.

There are no guarantees that this supplement is safe and in our opinion it is highly likely to cause potentially dangerous side effects. In addition these strange rumours about celebrity use suggest that the people marketing this supplement are scraping the bottom of the barrel in order to generate sales.

These days Alpha ZXT is not easy to buy – instead the sales page links to a Singapore made supplement called Brain Plus IQ which does not look much better. In our opinion you should avoid both of these supplements.

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Alpha ZXT Review

Alpha ZXT is a nootropic supplement that according to the product information contains only a 100% natural chemical called Phosphatidylserine. Later on in the advertising there are references to a blend of ingredients. In truth we do not know what is contained in this supplement and we suspect neither does anyone else.

According to the hype, Alpha ZXT works very quickly so you feel noticeable improvements very shortly after taking. The supplement is described as Viagra for the brain but beyond that colourful description there is no real information about the contents of the supplement and how it will work. The only ingredient mentioned in the product information is Phosphatidylserine, a chemical that is manufactured in the human body and in animals and plants and an important part of cell structure. Phosphatidylserine is taken as a supplement because there is some evidence that it may help improve mental performance and memory.

Alpha ZXT Facts

  • No longer easy to buy. The product website links to another supplement called Brain Plus IQ
  • Each bottle contains 60 capsules
  • The only ingredient mentioned in the product information is Phosphatidylserine

However there is no further information about ingredient quantities or the origin of the Phosphatylserine used in this supplement. Because this vital chemical is in so many life forms it can be derived from animal or plant sources and cows brains have been a common source used in supplements. In fact some of the clinical research that yielded the best positive results was based on Phosphatylserine extract from cow brains – since the CJD scare this does not seem a very safe option.

How to Take Alpha ZXT

Take 1 pill a day with a glass or water preferably in the morning.

One of the strangest things about Alpha ZXT is that according to industry sources, rumours started flying around the internet in 2015 claiming that celebrities had taken the supplement. These included Denzel Washington, Jamie Fox, Tiger Woods and even Stephen Hawkins who apparently used the supplement to sharpen up their brain power. There is no truth in any of these rumours and no mention of any of these bizarre claims on the product website.

Alpha ZXT Concerns:

  • What is actually contained in these pills? Are they even safe?
  • Why are you taken to another product when you click on the “buy it” button?
  • Where is this supplement manufactured? Has it been manufactured to basic hygiene and safety standards?

We cannot find out anything about the company behind Alpha ZXT. Bizarrely when you click to buy the supplement you are taken to a page selling another nootropic supplement called Brain Plus IQ. We covered this dodgy looking Singapore based supplement in a previous review. We can find no obvious connection between the two products but feel that we are sloshing around in the murkier side of the internet. The online supplements industry has been described as the Wild West and can be rife with scams and dodgy supplements.

What Does Alpha ZXT Claim To Do?

Most of the product information for Alpha ZXT is badly written and does not make much sense. A lot of it relates to the ingredients but these are never disclosed.

Compared to other brain supplements, this Alpha ZXT does not post any harsh or negative effect in your brain system or body. This is because it contains healthy and natural ingredients which makes it more suitable for people who are craving for excellent brain performance.

It “effectively works with the help of its natural and healthy ingredients that is intended for advanced thinking purposes” and is a “revolutionary formula that paves the way for an enhance brain performance and function that is needed by people”

However the only ingredient that is mentioned is Phosphatidylserine “that offers spectacular benefits to the brain”

None of this is an any way convincing.

Does Alpha ZXT Work?

We don’t advise that you try it to find out. With practically zero ingredients information we have no idea just what is contained in this supplement or even if it is safe. Alpha ZXT is highly likely to have been manufactured in China and is very unlikely to conform to any safety standards (GMP). It may cause potentially dangerous side effects. It may do nothing at all. It may even work but we do not advise that you gamble with your health to find out.

What Are The Ingredients of Alpha ZXT?

The only listed ingredient is Phosphatidylserine. This is a natural chemical found in many life forms including plants and animals and is also manufactured by the human body although we get most the Phosphatidylserine that we need from food.

  • Phosphatidylserine has been clinically tested for its effects upon cellular health, especially in the brain. There is evidence that it can help slow age related mental decline and improve Alzheimer’s disease. However much of the positive clinical testing was carried out using Phosphatidylserine derived from cows’ brains. These days, following the mad cow disease scare, Phosphatidylserine supplements are manufactured from Soy or cabbage but these do not seem to have the same benefits. The recommended daily serving is 300mg.

Does Alpha ZXT Have Any Side Effects?

There could be side effects. Without knowing the ingredients and quantities, it is impossible to predict the effects.

Phosphatidylserine can cause insomnia and stomach pains and there is a risk of contracting CJD if the supplement is manufactured from cows’ brains although there is no record that this has ever happened.

You should never take supplements without knowing what they contain so you should certainly not take Alpha ZXT.
Not suitable for individuals under 18 or if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Speak to your doctor first if you have an underlying health condition or are taking prescription medication. Standard advice for all supplements.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Alpha ZXT?

There are no customer reviews for Alpha ZXT.

Does Alpha ZXT Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

There is a 60 day money back guarantee offered with Alpha ZXT but we cannot see this shadowy company actually honouring the agreement.

Where Can I Buy Alpha ZXT?

It is not easy to buy Alpha ZXT anymore. It used to cost $49.85 for a bottle of 60 capsules but although it looks as if it sold direct from the website (it has never been on sale in the shops or stores) when you click on the buy it button you are taken to another product called Brain Plus IQ – a totally different supplement. Brain Plus IQ costs $64.95 for 60 capsules.

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