The human brain is made of billion cells of different types and each of them has its own dietary requirements in order to perform optimally. An ageing brain has different needs and often does not receive the adequate nutrients which slows down the entire thinking process. These vital nutrients can be found in certain supplements, such as Cognitex, to help compensate for the deficiencies and support healthy brain cells function.

Cognitex is a nootropic promoting an optimal brain function by providing vital nutrients to all those brain cells. The formula helps controlling the ageing process and the gradual decline of cognitive function. It is easily available at a relatively low cost.

Cognitex Pros

  • Uses natural ingredients to cause minimum side effects
  • Does not react with other stimulants such as tea or coffee
  • Brain vitamin ideal for nootropic first timers

Cognitex Cons

  • No money-back guarantee
  • Limited information
  • Not clinically tested
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What You Need To Know About Cognitex

Cognitex is produced by Life Extension Foundation. Its potent formula of herbal extract is specifically designed to protect the brain from age-related complications and degeneration. As we grow older, our brains start to lose cognitive capacities and a supplement can help bring back those capabilities. Cognitex aims to help older people improve their short-term memory and general cognitive functions. The product is easily available in many retail stores and comes in bottles of 60 softgels.

What Are The Side Effects Of Cognitex?

Some people have reported mild dizziness, racing heart, acne, blurred vision and hair loss.

How Much Does Cognitex Cost?

A bottle of 60 softgels costs $30 and lasts about a month if the daily dosage is respected.

Our Verdict On Cognitex

Cognitex is a mild nootropic which works gradually to promote overall brain health and prevent the loss of cognitive capacities. It can also improve memory and elevate the mood. The product comes in the form of easily digestible softgels and is available in various retail stores. Though the manufacturer claims that their supplement is completely safe, some users have reported unpleasant side effects whilst others have seen no change in their condition. Since there is no money-back guarantee, we recommend caution. It is always preferable to consult a doctor before taking any supplement.

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Cognitex Review

Cognitex is a nootropic aimed at older individuals who are looking for a product that help maintain the cognitive function and slow down the ageing process. Its powerful formula made of natural ingredients comes in the form of an easily digestible softgel. As we age, our brains have different nutritional needs that cannot always be satisfied by a balanced diet. Cognitex help fill the gap and may prevent the decline of cognitive function and mental capacity.

Cognitex Facts

  • Improves cerebral circulation and neuroplasticity
  • Promotes memory
  • Increases acetylcholine and BDNF levels

Cognitex particularly works particularly well to improving short-term memory. The blend is natural and each ingredient has been tried and tested for potency and effectiveness. The product contains standardised phytochemicals extracted from plants. This helps blood circulation and the oxygenation of the brain which also protects brain cells from damages. The ingredient known as gastrodin especially is thought to provide protection to neurotransmitters, therefore protecting the brain from damages resulting in cognitive capacity loss.

How to Take Cognitex

Take two softgels a day, with or without food. It is recommended to take with food at the beginning.

Cognitex also contains blueberries extract which has antioxidant properties that protect the brain from damages caused by free radicals. It treats inflammation within the brain and repairs ageing neurons to boost memory. Research states that the presence of antioxidants will definitely boost memory without causing any side effects while improving the immune response. Yet, experts are not certain that the effects will last on the long term. The official website claims that the supplement contains alpha-glyceryl phoshoryl choline which helps regulate acetylcholine – the most powerful neurotransmitters, controlling several brain functions as well as memory – in the brain.

Cognitex Concerns:

  • Should not be used my pregnant or nursing women.
  • Must not be used by children.
  • In case of preexisting medical conditions, consult a doctor before taking the supplement.
  • Should not be used by individuals with a sensitivity to steroids.

Despite all claims, Cognitex may induce side effects such as aggressivity, dizziness, acne, hair loss and tachycardia. This is due to the presence of pregnenolone, a steroid. Moreover, the users’ reviews are mixed. Some report diminished dementia symptoms and improvement in speech but some of them also claim that they have seen no change in their condition.

What Does Cognitex Claim To Do?

Cognitex is a brain health optimiser targeted towards older individuals with diminished cognitive abilities due to age. The nutrient rich formula promises good brain health and increases blood flow and oxygen which help retaining a neuroplasticity. Cognitex manufacturers claim it enhances brain health, short-term memory and reduces chances of age-related brain disease. The supplement may also help stress levels and mood balance.

Does Cognitex Work?

Based on the ingredients, information supplied by the official website and user reports we can only say that the supplement might work. The ingredients used in this formula have been clinically tested to prove the efficiency of the product and its impact on memory and cognitive abilities. While a few users reported no change in their condition, most comments were good. It is important to note that there were very few reports of negative side effects.

What Are The Ingredients of Cognitex?

Two main ingredients for Cognitex are:

  • L-alpha glyceryl phosphoryl choline: Alpha GPC is present in a majority of cell membranes throughout the body. Cognitex provides Alpha GPC to help produce acetylcholine whose decline results in the degradation of brain cells.
  • Phosphatidylserine: Often called PS, it is naturally present in brain cells. However, the production diminishes with age causing cognitive disorders.

The other ingredients are gelatin, sunflower lecithin, safflower oil, glycerin, sorbitol, carob color, maltodextrin and purified water.

Does Cognitex Have Any Side Effects?

Possible side effects include:

  • Hair loss
  • Dizziness
  • Acne
  • Agressivity
  • Blurred vision
  • Tachycardia

Must be kept out of children’s reach.
Must not be used by pregnant or nursing women.
Exceeding recommended dosage can be harmful.
In case of preexisting medical issues, consult a doctor before using.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Cognitex?

The reviews concerning the product are mixed. Some have seen benefits but some others have experienced side effects or no effects at all. The positive effects often mentioned were clarity of mind, enhanced memory, better mood balance and improved communication abilities. However, it was also mentioned a few times that the product is slow to act.

Does Cognitex Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Unfortunately, there is no money-back guarantee for this product.

Where Can I Buy Cognitex?

Cognitex can be bought from the official online shop or other online retailers such as Amazon and iHerb.


2.5 out of 5
Editor's Rating
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee
The most popular consumer choice in 2021 is OmniMind

Containing ingredients that have been clinically tested and boasting a 30-day money-back guarantee, OmniMind is quickly rising to the top of the nootropic world.

Find out why people are choosing OmniMind to achieve advanced brain performance, and why it's our editor's top pick.

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