Enzymedica Stem XCell

Enzymedica Stem XCell is marketed as a dietary supplement designed to promote cell regeneration. It is supposed to help improve the growth of stem cells, to prevent brain damage and other health complications. Many people take Enzymedica Stem XCell as a nootropic supplement, because it claims to help boost memory and cognition. It also includes certain ingredients that are supposed to promote fat loss. In short, the blend is supposed to improve your health.

Enzymedica Stem XCell is offered by a U.S. based company named Enzymedica, which is in business since 1998. It offers a number of enzyme-based health supplements including Enzymedica Stem XCell, which is supposed to improve the health of stem cells. The question is, should you really be putting your money on Enzymedica Stem XCell when there are many other more popular nootropic supplements available in the market? Can Enzymedica Stem XCell really help boost brain health? Are there any nootropic ingredients in the formula? Here is our review to help you decide.

Enzymedica Stem XCell Pros

  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • One-month supply
  • Money-back guarantee

Enzymedica Stem XCell Cons

  • Doesn’t have ingredients to boost cognition
  • May prove ineffective for most people
  • Lacks scientific evidence to support its use
  • More expensive than other nootropic supplements
Watchdog Rejected

Enzymedica Stem XCell

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What You Need To Know About Enzymedica Stem XCell

Enzymedica Stem XCell offers a combination of natural ingredients and certain enzymes to help promote the health of stem cells. Enzymedica Stem XCell claims to prevent damage to stem cells caused by normal aging process. By using specific ingredients, it claims to promote cell regeneration and ensures that you do not have to deal with brain related problems.

Not only does it support brain health, it also improves your overall health because it contains specific enzymes as well. The problem is that you cannot take Enzymedica Stem XCell as a nootropic supplement, because most of its ingredients are not scientifically proven to boost brain function.

What Are The Side Effects Of Enzymedica Stem XCell?

Enzymedica Stem XCell uses natural ingredients and contains an enzymatic blend, but you may still end up noticing certain side effects. It includes green tea extract that also adds some caffeine to the blend, so you may experience problems like increased heart rate, jitteriness, insomnia, and gastrointestinal problems. Refer to our “Side Effects” section to learn more.

How Much Does Enzymedica Stem XCell Cost?

You have to pay $41.99 to get one-month supply of Enzymedica Stem XCell.

Our Verdict On Enzymedica Stem XCell

Enzymedica Stem XCell uses a blend of natural ingredients, enzymes, and antioxidants to help improve your overall health. It is supposed to boost brain function and even help in weight management, but its ingredients are less likely to produce any significant change in your health. It includes ingredients like alpha lipoic acid, glutathione, and even blueberry extract that have antioxidant properties, but there is not enough of these ingredients in each serving.

Other ingredients are quite ineffective, especially if you are looking for a way to boost brain function. Its price will also prove a deal-breaker for many customers, because you can easily get a good quality nootropic supplement at a price much less than what you pay for Enzymedica Stem XCell.

Our verdict: avoid it!

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Enzymedica Stem XCell Review

Enzymedica Stem XCell is marketed as a supplement to help promote the growth of stem cells. It includes ingredients that promote cell regeneration. It has antioxidants that are supposed to prevent free radical damage and keep you healthy. Many people opt for Enzymedica Stem XCell only because it claims to support brain health. Unfortunately, you will find nothing in the formula that makes it better than other nootropic supplements that you can find in the market.

There is vitamin D3 in Enzymedica Stem XCell. You can easily get this fat-soluble vitamin from mushrooms, fatty fish, and direct sunlight. It means that instead of spending money to get D3 from Enzymedica Stem XCell, you can simply spend more time out in the sun to prevent any vitamin D3 deficiency. You are not going to notice any effects from vitamin D3 supplementation when you are not already deficient in it. Some experts say that vitamin D3 may help people lose weight, but that is not true again.

  • Researchers in Germany have conducted a randomized placebo-controlled study of vitamin D3 supplementation in overweight people who took part in a structured weight loss program for 12 months. They found that daily vitamin D3 at a dose of 3,333 IU did not affect weight loss.

Enzymedica Stem XCell Facts

  • 60 capsules per bottle
  • 30 servings
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Money-back guarantee

Green tea extract is also present in Enzymedica Stem XCell. It actually provides you with green tea catechins, such as EGCG, to help boost your memory and support fat loss to some extent. There is also caffeine in green tea, which is likely to stimulate your central nervous system and make you feel more alert. However, there is not enough scientific evidence to support the use of green tea extract to boost cognition, especially if you do not already have any mental disorder.

What it means is that green tea may work only when you already have cognitive decline, but even then, the effect is not going to be that significant.

  • 1,680mg of the green tea/theanine mixture called LGNC-07 (6:1 ratio of green tea:theanine) was able to increase cognition in persons with cognitive decline, mostly be increasing recognition speed and selective attention. Source

Some experts believe that green tea extract may help improve symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately, studies have only found a weak link between Alzheimer’s disease and drinking green tea.

  • 2010 laboratory study using animal cells found a green tea preparation rich in antioxidants protected against the nerve cell death associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Whether these lab results can be reproduced in human trials remains to be seen. As such, the findings do not conclusively show green tea combats Alzheimer’s disease.

Another ingredient found in Enzymedica Stem XCell is blueberry powder. Blueberries are supposed to improve cognition and protect cells from oxidative damage because they are rich in antioxidants. They also contain molecules called anthocyanins, which are supposed to increase memory and brain function.

While there is some evidence that supplementing with blueberry extract may help reduce cognitive decline, protect the liver, and support cardiovascular health, Enzymedica Stem XCell is not going to help because it does not have enough of this ingredient. You should be getting at least 5.5g of blueberry extract to see results, but Enzymedica Stem XCell only offers a 800g proprietary blend, which includes many other ingredients as well. Even if you only get anthocyanins from blueberry juice, you would still require high doses. For instance:

  • In elderly humans, consumption of blueberry juice (428-598mg anthocyanins) daily for 12 weeks was associated with improvements on verbal learning and memory, while changes in blood glucose and insulin as well as subjective well being (geriatric depression scale) only trended towards beneficial changes. Source

How to Take Enzymedica Stem XCell

Here is what the official site says about taking Enzymedica Stem XCell:

  • Take 2 capsules daily. More may be taken if recommended by a health care professional.

You will also find carnosine in Enzymedica Stem XCell, which is included in the blend because of its antioxidant properties. This small molecule is composed f amino acids histidine and alanine. Carnosine is present in your nervous system, brain, and skeletal muscle tissue, but it is not clear exactly how it helps your body. Because of its antioxidant properties, it is supposed to prevent free radical damage in the body. The real problem is that while there is some evidence about the benefits of carnosine for brain health, you may still find Enzymedica Stem XCell quite ineffective. The reason is that you need to take at least 400mg of carnosine twice a day to see its effects, but Enzymedica Stem XCell does not have enough.

  • There is some very preliminary evidence that carnosine may be helpful for children with autistic spectrum disorders. Source In a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 31 children with autism were given either carnosine (400 mg twice daily) or placebo for a period of 8 weeks. The children given carnosine showed significant improvements compared to those given placebo.

There is also some evidence that carnosine may be effective in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Here is what experts say:

  • In a small controlled trial, adding carnosine to the diet of people being treated for Parkinson’s disease improved their symptoms. Source There is also weak evidence that carnosine may be helpful for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Carnosine can be found in the olfactory tissue, which is responsible for our sense of smell. Because of this, some researchers have suggested that carnosine should be administered through the nose (rather than by mouth), especially considering that people with Alzheimer’s disease often have problems with their ability to detect odors. This use for carnosine and this method of administering it are in need of further study.

Unfortunately, Enzymedica Stem XCell relies on a simple 800mg proprietary blend, so you are never going to get enough of carnosine per serving.

Enzymedica Stem XCell Concerns:

  • Under-dosed ingredients
  • Ineffective for most people
  • Not effective for improved cognition
  • Very expensive

To enhance its antioxidant properties, Enzymedica Stem XCell has also included alpha lipoic acid in the blend. This fatty acid is found in the mitochondria and plays a role in energy production. It is quite commonly used in the bodybuilding world along with L-carnitine to boost strength. In Enzymedica Stem XCell, it is supposed to work by triggering the production of anti-oxidant enzymes that would protect stem cells from damage. The thing is that if you are taking a balanced diet, your body can make enough lipoic acid on its own. You may want to take a lipoic acid supplement in case you have liver cirrhosis, diabetes, or atherosclerosis. However, if you want to supplement with ALA, you need to take no less than 100mg a day. Also, you need to take it on a long term basis. Now check what you get from each serving of Enzymedica Stem XCell. There is only 4mg of ALA in the blend, which is certainly not going to help at all.

Similarly, there is 3mg of glutathione in Enzymedica Stem XCell. Again, it helps prevent oxidative damage to cells. It may also promote the growth of stem cells. Does it make Enzymedica Stem XCell any better? We do not think so, and that is again because you need to take at least 50mg of glutathione to see its effects. You do not get enough from Enzymedica Stem XCell, and that is the reason why you should avoid using this supplement in the first place.

Other than these ingredients, there is also an enzymatic blend in Enzymedica Stem XCell, but it fails to make this supplement any better. The thing about enzymes is that they are important for your health, but you cannot just take a supplement and hope for good results. Your body makes thousands of enzymes daily because they regulate chemical reactions in the body, but it is hard to produce something similar in a synthetic way. In supplement form, enzymes are essentially proteins but they are less likely to produce any benefit because they cannot survive in the presence of stomach acid.

Some supplement manufacturers say that they manufacture enzymes in a way that stomach acids would not destroy them, but Enzymedica Stem XCell has not highlighted the use of any such technology. Even if you suppose that they have used some specific techniques to make their enzymatic blend more usable to the body, you may still experience no benefits. The reason is that there is not enough scientific evidence to confirm that enzyme supplements can fight inflammation, boost immunity, or improve brain function. If you want to take an enzyme supplement because you have an enzyme-deficiency disease, you will be better off talking to a healthcare provider.

What Does Enzymedica Stem XCell Claim To Do?

Enzymedica Stem XCell provides you with a combination of natural ingredients along with an enzymatic blend to produce several health benefits. Here are some of its claimed benefits:

  • Prevents free radical damage to cells
  • Supports the growth of stem cells
  • Improves memory and brain function
  • Supports overall health

Does Enzymedica Stem XCell Work?

Enzymedica Stem XCell is supposed to help you in many ways, but it fails miserably and that is mainly because it does not have enough of certain ingredients. If you want to take it as a brain-boosting supplement, you will be hugely disappointed. It contains antioxidants that prevent oxidative damage to cells, but you will have to use for a long time to see any result.

You can take a nootropic supplement instead to improve memory and cognition in a short time. Some of its ingredients may have benefits, but there are quite under-dosed. Some good examples are alanine, alpha lipoic acid, glutathione, and carnosine. It has green tea extract, but there is no information about how much of it is available in each serving. Therefore, it is better to try a better supplement and avoid Enzymedica Stem XCell, because it does not work as claimed.

What Are The Ingredients of Enzymedica Stem XCell?

Enzymedica Stem XCell includes a number of ingredients, and while those ingredients may look good on paper, they are quite ineffective in Enzymedica Stem XCell mainly because there is very little of them in each serving. Here are some important ingredients found in Enzymedica Stem XCell:

  • Green Tea Extract: It provides you with catechins to help improve memory and prevent cellular damage. It also contains some caffeine that may stimulate your nervous system.
  • Blueberry Powder: It adds anthocyanins to the blend that have antioxidant properties. Again, you do not know how much of it is there in the blend.
  • Carnosine: Composed of amino acids, the exact role of carnosine in the body is not clear. Some studies suggest that it may prevent brain damage if taken in larger doses.
  • Alpha lipoic acid: This fatty acid is supposed to help with energy production, but it lacks the scientific evidence to be considered effective against brain damage.
  • Glutathione: It is included in the antioxidant blend because it serves as a powerful antioxidant. However, there is very little of this ingredient found in Enzymedica Stem XCell.There is also an enzymatic blend in Enzymedica Stem XCell, but even that fails to make this supplement any better.

Does Enzymedica Stem XCell Have Any Side Effects?

Enzymedica Stem XCell includes natural ingredients, enzymes, and antioxidants, but you may still experience some side effects due to certain ingredients. For instance, there is green tea extract, which means it includes some caffeine. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you may notice problems like increased heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, insomnia, and other similar issues.

There is carnosine in the supplement that may disturb the balance of enzymes in the body. It is therefore important to avoid using it when you are pregnant or breastfeeding. People with kidney disease should also avoid taking Enzymedica Stem XCell.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Enzymedica Stem XCell?

Enzymedica Stem XCell does not have many positive reviews, which suggests that there is something missing in its formula. Here is what customers say about it.

I have been using this supplement for some time now. I believe it has improved my focus a little, but it has done nothing else. I am looking for a stronger nootropic supplement now.

I do not think it is a good choice for anyone looking for a nootropic supplement. It is ineffective and very expensive. Try something else!

Does Enzymedica Stem XCell Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, it comes with a money-back guarantee, but it is hard to get a refund.

Where Can I Buy Enzymedica Stem XCell?

You can buy Enzymedica Stem XCell directly from the official website, or order through third-party retailers.

Enzymedica Stem XCell

2 out of 5
Enzymedica Stem XCell Rating

The Nootropic Watchdog does not recommend Enzymedica Stem XCell.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee
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