Glutathione Force

Glutathione Force is a dietary supplement manufactured by the ‘Bulletproof’ brand. The company talks about using health hack techniques to improve the quality of your life. They now offer another glutathione supplement, supposedly more powerful than Glutathione Force, but they still back the formula used in this supplement and claim that it fights aging, increases your performance, and boosts brain function.

There is a lot of hype surrounding Glutathione Force, but the question is, ‘Does this supplement meet the hype?’ We have reviewed the product to help you make up your mind.

Glutathione Force Pros

  • Contains a powerful antioxidant
  • Could support cellular function
  • May improve performance

Glutathione Force Cons

  • Uses a proprietary formula
  • Expensive
  • No scientific evidence to back the claims
  • Smells of sulphur
  • No money-back guarantee
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Glutathione Force

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What You Need To Know About Glutathione Force

Glutathione Force is a glutathione supplement and is supposed to raise the levels of glutathione, the body’s most important antioxidant, to achieve several health benefits. It is available in liquid form and claims to support optimal cellular function by using a pharmaceutical grade liposomes delivery system. It promises to improve your brain function, increase your overall performance, and slow down aging effects. Unfortunately, the company uses a proprietary formula and says nothing about how they achieve such amazing results.

What Are The Side Effects Of Glutathione Force?

The official website says nothing about the side effects of using Glutathione Force, but customer reviews show that many people end up developing abdominal discomfort. The smell and taste may also make it difficult for you to use it on a long-term basis.

How Much Does Glutathione Force Cost?

Glutathione Force is available in a 40 ml bottle, which contains 40 servings. The product is currently out of stock, but the old price was $59.

Our Verdict On Glutathione Force

Glutathione Force makes big claims, but unfortunately, it fails to fulfil the promises it makes. Quite like many other glutathione supplements, it fails to work efficiently because the body does not use all the glutathione you take. Most of it is lost in the digestive tract, which is the reason why most people never experience any detoxification benefits. They claim to use Liposomal Glutathione to enhance the absorption of this molecule, but say nothing about how their unique delivery system actually works. With a price tag as high as $59, we strongly believe that you should look for an alternative or try a specific nootropic supplement to improve brain function and energy production.

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Glutathione Force Review

Bulletproof is a popular supplement company and Glutathione Force is one of their many offerings. They claim that supplementation with Glutathione Force not only improves cardiovascular health but boosts brain function as well. They also claim that regular intake of glutathione strengthens your immune system and lowers your risk of infections. Unfortunately, the supplement uses a proprietary formula that seems to lack power to produce claimed results.

Glutathione Force Facts

  • 40 servings per bottle
  • Uses special glutathione delivery system
  • Promises better brain function

Glutathione is an important molecule that actually acts as an antioxidant in the body. It works through a complex system of processes and enzymes to keep you healthy. Glutathione Force is a way to increase the number of these essential molecules in the body to improve your mental and physical health. The biggest issue is that supplemented glutathione fails to get to the cells in your body because most of it is lost in the digestive tract. While the company claims they use patented technology to deliver reduced glutathione to your system, there is not enough scientific data to confirm that this technology actually affects the bioavailability of glutathione in the body. In fact, the experts say,

Only very small amounts of pre-manufactured glutathione are able to enter bloodstream. Most of it is lost in the digestive tract and cannot effectively raise intracellular glutathione levels in the most important detoxification organs, such as liver, kidneys and lungs, because glutathione is a small protein molecule and gets digested.

How to Take Glutathione Force

There are 40 servings in every bottle and 10 servings in each oral dispenser. You have to use the ml markings to take 1 ml of Glutathione Force once a day. It is better to take it on an empty stomach – you can also take it about 20 minutes before a meal.

In a clinical research published in Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, September 2011, they analysed how supplemented glutathione helps individuals, but the results were disappointing.

It was concluded that no significant changes were observed in biomarkers of oxidative stress, including glutathione status, in this clinical trial of oral glutathione supplementation in healthy adults.

Many experts are of the view that no patented technology is effective because the cells in your body cannot absorb glutathione unless your body’s tissues break it down to L-Cystine. Moreover, there is little research related to glutathione supplementation in humans. The results are inconclusive, with no concrete evidence to confirm what systems, functions, and tissues are affected by glutathione supplementation.

Glutathione Force Concerns:

  • Unimpressive ingredient profile
  • No explanation of glutathione delivery systems
  • Hard-to-use plunger-based portion system
  • No money-back guarantee

Considering customer reviews, it would not be wrong to suggest that most people do not notice any benefits. It may not always work for everyone, but it may produce some side effects. Studies have shown that large doses of glutathione may result in weight gain, flushing, and flatulence. Some other studies suggest that people with cystic fibrosis should avoid it or they may end up experience chest tightness, severe diarrhoea, and high fever. The product also contains riboflavin and molybdenum, which may be associated with abdominal discomfort.

You may experience other issues as well when taking Glutathione Force. Many people do not like its smell and taste. Though the manufacturer has used essential oils and other ingredients to help diminish the sulphur flavour, it seems that they have not done a great job here. You can still notice that sulphur-y taste and smell when taking Glutathione Force. Moreover, it is not easy to use the supplement, as some will find it difficult to use the oral dispenser included in the package. You have to push out only 1 ml of liquid, but it can be messy at times.

It is worth mentioning that your body has to turn glutathione into L-cysteine, so that the cells could utilise it properly. However, if you really want some benefits, you can opt for another supplement that may contain N-acetyl cysteine, which your body can use in a better way. Similarly, other supplements can also increase levels of glutathione in the body, and some good examples of supplements are vitamin-C, selenium, curcumin, vitamin-E, and Silymarin. These supplements are much more affordable, especially compared to Glutathione Force, which costs you $59 for a formula that is not scientifically proven and may actually produce side effects as well.

What Does Glutathione Force Claim To Do?

Glutathione Force claims to use a special delivery system to make more of glutathione available to your body. While the only active ingredient is glutathione, it still claims to provide you with a number of impressive benefits. For instance:

  • It claims to improve your short-term brain function.
  • It claims to improve your long-term memory.
  • It claims to protect you from age-related cognitive decline.
  • It claims to detoxify your body for overall health.
  • It claims to prevent oxidative stress.

Does Glutathione Force Work?

There are some studies available about the effectiveness of glutathione, but nothing specific is available about Glutathione Force, its proprietary formula, and what tissues, systems, or functions it helps improve. We really believe the formula could have been better, as it seems to be limited to reduced glutathione and some flavour enhancers. When your body cannot use all of the glutathione you take in supplement form, there is no point in wasting your money. They say they use lactoferrin to improve its absorption, but have not mentioned the type they use. There are no real details of how their formula ensures effective glutathione delivery. Moreover, not everyone is going to appreciate a plunger based portion system to take Glutathione Force. We believe you should try other nootropic supplements and pay attention to your diet to improve your mental and physical health.

What Are The Ingredients of Glutathione Force?

Glutathione Force uses a proprietary formula, which makes it quite difficult to tell exactly what the manufacturer has included in it and how much. Here is a bit about the ingredients of Glutathione Force:

  • Glutathione: You get about 100 mg of glutathione in each serving of Glutathione Force. It works as an antioxidant in the body, and therefore improves heart health, boosts immune function, and detoxifies body. Higher doses of glutathione may be associated with problems like flushing, weight gain, loose stools, and increased flatulence.
  • Riboflavin: Glutathione Force contains 1 mcg of riboflavin, which is essential for the development of blood cells and the lining of the digestive tract. It may also help with the proper function of many body parts. Riboflavin overdose can make your urine have a yellow-orange colour.
  • Molybdenum: About 35 mcg of this trace mineral is found in Glutathione Force, and though it helps your body to break down proteins, its deficiency is very rare. There is no research either to confirm that molybdenum is effective against any medical condition.

Does Glutathione Force Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer has not highlighted any side effects, but considering the ingredients it has and whatever customer reviews available online, it is possible to pinpoint some potential side effects of taking Glutathione Force.

It includes trace mineral called molybdenum, which is supposed to have a role to play in glutathione pathways. However, its intake is associated with certain side effects – it can lower copper levels in the body, produce gout-like symptoms, and lead to decreased blood cell production. When used in high doses in supplement form, it can actually be toxic.

You may notice your urine change its colour and become more yellowish-orange, which is usually a side effect associated with the use of riboflavin. Some people also experience an increase in urine along with diarrhoea and other side effects when they take riboflavin in high doses.

Studies show that higher doses of glutathione can actually cause several side effects, such as flushing, increased flatulence, weight gain, and loose stools. It may also lead to severe diarrhoea and chest tightness in people with cystic fibrosis.

Not many studies have confirmed how safe it is during pregnancy, so it is better to avoid it and keep additional precautions in mind when breastfeeding. These potential glutathione side effects would affect a small percentage of population, but are still worth being aware of.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Glutathione Force?

You cannot find many reviews for Glutathione Force, but whatever you find is enough to tell you that the product is not going to work for everyone. Here is what people say:

Still waiting for some positive results … nothing special going on, yet.

Other Glutathione supplements I have tried have a sulphur and are hard to get down and was hoping that this one was going to be different. No so. I had an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients in this formula possibly the cloves. My mouth was tingling and my tongue swelled up. Cannot speak to its efficacy since I only took one dose. Think I need to stick with the stinky stuff from now on!

I’m usually very sensitive to supplements but don’t notice much from this.

Does Glutathione Force Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

No, they do not offer a money-back guarantee, and no free trials are available either.

Where Can I Buy Glutathione Force?

The product is currently unavailable from the official site, but you can still order it through Amazon and some other third-party retailers.

Glutathione Force

2.4 out of 5
Editor's Rating
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee
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