L.A. Naturals Kava

For thousands of years, islanders in the South Pacific have been enjoying Kava as a ceremonial and social drink. Although it’s a relaxant, it doesn’t quite work the same way as alcohol, but the other day we found L.A. Naturals Kava. It’s kava root, but suspended in some fairly strong grain spirit. Could that be the best of both worlds, then?

Apparently not – L.A. Naturals Kava extract provides 500 mg of their “selectively imported Vanuatu Kava Root” per 30-drop serving. That’d be 1.5 milliliters of alcohol, which wouldn’t even start bringing on a nice warm glow. The Kava in that serving, though, would support “deep relaxation” and reduce “everyday stress”. At least that’s what it says on the label. We looked a little closer at L.A. Naturals Kava, and this is what we found.

L.A. Naturals Kava Pros

  • Certified organic ingredient
  • Offers “both mental and emotional balance”
  • Liquid herbal format gets absorbed better

L.A. Naturals Kava Cons

  • Potential liver damage
  • Can have too much of a sedative effect
  • Has been banned in several countries
Watchdog Rejected

L.A. Naturals Kava

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What You Need To Know About L.A. Naturals Kava

We tried to follow the links in the L.A. Naturals website to learn more about the product, but without any success, so we looked elsewhere.

Originally kava was prepared by cutting the root into pieces which were then chewed by several people and then spat into a bowl where it was mixed with coconut milk. Apparently that not only extracted the root’s active ingredients better, but also made the resulting brew much tastier.

Fortunately L.A. Naturals appear to be using a more hygienic method to create their kava extract. Medicinal uses for kava include sedation, muscle relaxation, a remedy for insomnia and nervousness, and as a diuretic.

What Are The Side Effects Of L.A. Naturals Kava?

The most well-known side effect is liver damage, but there can be mental, emotional, and skin problems as well.

How Much Does L.A. Naturals Kava Cost?

If you take the standard dose (30 drops) just once a day, as opposed to two or three times, a single bottle would give you a month’s supply and would cost $15.99.

Our Verdict On L.A. Naturals Kava

Kava products have been banned in several countries because of potential links to serious liver problems.

Those problems may have been caused by the way companies have extracted the kava root and the chemicals they’ve used in the process, or they could be down to companies just being cheap and using the whole plant (which they shouldn’t do) as opposed to using just the root (which they should).

So even though kava in its natural chewed-and-spat state seems to have kept Pacific islanders happy for many, many generations, we’re going to reject L.A. Naturals’ more modern version, along with everybody else’s kava root extracts, just to stay on the safe side.

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L.A. Naturals Kava Review

The kava plant is a small shrub which grows on islands in the South Pacific.

L.A. Naturals Kava Facts

  • L.A. Naturals produces many herbal extracts, and is based in New Mexico
  • Product distribution is handled by Palko Services, in Michigan City, Indiana
  • Kava has been banned in countries including Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and the UK because of its association with liver disease

Kava was originally marketed in the US and elsewhere since the early 1990’s as an herbal solution for stress and anxiety. It contains kavalactones, compounds which are said to produce a better result than pharmaceuticals.

But unlike when they’re using pharmaceuticals and alcohol, the thoughts of kava users remain crystal clear while they’re under the influence.

But kava isn’t just used for its effect on the mind and emotions – it’s also known to be helpful for urinary tract infections, and other related problems in that particular area.

How to Take L.A. Naturals Kava

L.A. Naturals would like you to take 30-60 drops of their extract in juice or water, 2-3 times daily. But if you did that, you’d be ordering your next bottle long before the month was up. Maybe that’s what they’re hoping you’ll do,

L.A. Naturals also markets their kava extract in capsule form, and also as a non-alcoholic liquid containing glycerin and honey.

L.A. Naturals Kava Concerns:

  • If you’ve got liver problems, forget kava as a relaxant – it can damage the liver, and also affect liver medications
  • If you’re already taking any kind of sedative, kava will make them much more effective – perhaps even too effective
  • L.A. Naturals suggest a dose containing 500 mg of “herb weight equivalence”, however many times a day. Elsewhere we find dosage recommendations for anxiety topping out at 210 mg for the whole day

What Does L.A. Naturals Kava Claim To Do?

From the label, “Supports Deep Relaxation & Reduces Everyday Stress”.

Does L.A. Naturals Kava Work?

Well, kava in a more natural, less industrial state been working for generations of Pacific islanders, but they’ve been enjoying it for a different reason. For them, kava means party time, while for the rest of us, in much smaller doses, it’s all about relaxation and everyday stress reduction.

What Are The Ingredients of L.A. Naturals Kava?

Grain alcohol (55-65% by volume), deionized water and “selectively imported Vanuatu Kava Root (or, to give it its proper botanical name, Piper methysticum).

Oh, and it’s certified Kosher, just in case you were wondering.

Does L.A. Naturals Kava Have Any Side Effects?

Heavy and prolonged use can cause a scaly skin rash called dermopathy, but that clears up when that heavy and prolonged use comes to an end.

The most common side effects can include headache, dizziness, drowsiness, and depression, as well as digestion problems.

But the most notorious side effect is liver damage, or even complete liver failure which has required transplantation, and has even proved fatal on several occasions.

Sometimes that’s been possibly attributable to the solvents used to concentrate extracts, and sometimes it’s been blamed on the use of other parts of the kava plant rather than the root.

Whatever the reason, you might just want to play it safe and avoid kava altogether unless you really, really trust whoever’s selling it.

From the L.A. Naturals website, “Warnings: Do not take during pregnancy or while nursing. Keep out of the reach of children.”

We think it would have been appropriate to have added a warning about potential liver damage, or L.A. Naturals Kava’s interaction with medications – it seems irresponsible not to have done.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For L.A. Naturals Kava?

No. we’ve looked for L.A. Naturals Kava reviews all over the web and have come up with a total blank, except for this one from Danielle, back in 2013 which said,

My experience with this product was a positive one, but I heard of a lot of negative effects that can manifest.

Pretty well every single other online retailer offered us the chance to be the first to review L.A. Naturals Kava, but like everybody else, we passed on that one.

Then again, it’s possible that buyers became far too deeply relaxed and far too free of everyday stress to be capable of finding the website again, let alone tapping out a review.

Does L.A. Naturals Kava Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

It’s going to depend on who you buy it from, and what their refund policy is.

Where Can I Buy L.A. Naturals Kava?

There are stores all over the US (the L.A. Naturals Kava website has a handy store locator function), but if you’re looking for wholesale quantities, you might want to approach Palko Services, their distributor, direct.

Otherwise, it’s available on Amazon, but as always, be careful – you might not get what you think you ordered.

L.A. Naturals Kava

1 out of 5
L.A. Naturals Kava Rating

The Nootropic Watchdog does not recommend L.A. Naturals Kava.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee
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