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LCR Health Active Stem

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LCR Health Active Stem

LCR Health Active Stem is a general purpose health supplement in powder form that may have a nootropic effect, in that it may boost cognition and mental performance. Active Stem is supposed to increase cognitive ability and other physical benefits, and it seems to reflect current stem cell research. If this supplement really works as described, you should experience noticeable benefits.

We investigate and uncover whether  LCR Health Active Stem lives up to the claims.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee


  • Unlikely to cause side effects
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Lacks any real evidence that it will work as described
  • Expensive
LCR Health Active Stem is a supplement that claims to improve cognitive ability, improve muscle and joint strength and increase longevity. The supplement is based on stem cell research that suggests that adult stem cells have a wide range of beneficial effects.

LCR Health is a California-based company with a focus on scientific research. LCR Health is led by Dr. R.S. McClain and is dedicated to extending lifespan and health.

LCR Health Active Stem Overview

What you need to know about LCR Health Active Stem

Active Stem is supposed to increase cognitive ability and other physical benefits, and it seems to reflect current stem cell research. However, there is no proof that LCR Health Active Stem will increase adult stem cell count as promised. In fact, we can’t see any real link between this product and actual stem cell research. It is also pretty expensive.

What are the side effects of LCR Health Active Stem?

LCR Health Active Stem looks safe, so side effects shouldn’t be an issue for most people. However, it may contain caffeine, which could lead to mild caffeine side effects. In addition, L carnosine may lower blood pressure levels. Check with your doctor first if you are taking medication in case of drug interactions.

How much does LCR Health Active Stem cost?

LCR Health Active Stem is expensive. 1 tub or 30 days supply costs $69. 3 tubs (90 days supply) costs $186.30. 6 tubs (180 days supply) costs $330.15.

US shipping is only free on multiple tub orders. Shipping is $3.95 for single tub orders.

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LCR Health Active Stem Key Features

LCR Health Active Stem is a general purpose health supplement in powder form that may have a nootropic effect, in that it may boost cognitive ability and mental performance. In addition, it may help improve muscle and joint strength and increase longevity. Obviously, nobody will know whether this last claim is really true until it is too late, but if this supplement really works as described, you should experience noticeable benefits.

LCR Health Active Stem Key Points

  • Supplement in powder form
  • Contains five ingredients
  • No real evidence it will work in the way as described

According to the product information, LCR Active Stem is based on stem cell research. This is not as alarming as it sounds because it has not been carried out on embryos, but instead, on tissue samples from adult volunteers. Adult stem cells are cells in the body that multiply by cell division and replenish dying cells. They also regenerate damaged tissue. Adult stem cells are undifferentiated cells which means they can change from one type of cell to another wherever needed by the body, so play a vital role in maintaining health and theoretically could prevent and cure diseases.

It is important to point out here that the studies in the adult stem cells are in their infancy and according to scientists we are a long way from finding any sort of real medical cure from adult stem cells yet. However, according to the product information, laboratory testing shows that LCR Active Stem increases the proliferation of adult stem cells. We can’t help but feel that if this were the case then Dr. McClain (if he exists) would be much more involved in cutting-edge medical research than he appears to be.

How to Take LCR Health Active Stem

Mix one scoop of Active Stem powder with a 16-oz glass of water. Drink once per day first thing in the morning, ideally on an empty stomach.

LCR Active Stem contains five ingredients. There is a proprietary blend comprised of L Leucine, an essential amino acid which the body needs but cannot produce, plus blueberry fruit and green leaf tea extract, both of which are high in antioxidants. It contains L Carnosine, a combination of two amino acids Alanine and Histidine. Studies have shown that L Carnosine supplements may improve neurological function and age-related conditions such as cataracts.

The final ingredient is vitamin D as Cholecalciferol. Vitamin D is synthesised from sunlight and is extremely important for bone health as well as numerous functions in the body.

LCR Health Active Stem Concerns

  • Only available from the official website. Is this company concerned about the risk of adverse feedback?
  • The guarantee looks good, but will LCR Health really honour the agreement. According to one customer’s experience, it seems unlikely

LCR Health is based in California. According to the “about us” information, the company is headed by Dr Rand McClain, a sports medicine doctor who still operates as such in Los Angeles. He is described as a pioneer in “Rejuvenative, Regenerative (“Anti-Aging”), Cosmetic and Family Medicine.”

Despite the authoritative look of the website with its description of stem cell research, like every other supplement on the market, it is unapproved by the FDA and not intended to treat or cure any medical condition.

What does LCR Health Active Stem claim to do?

According to the product information, there are three benefits to taking this supplement:

  • Improved Cognitive Function
  • Enhanced Joint and Muscle Strength
  • Increased Longevity

In addition, it states that,

each serving contains 1400 mg of five potent ingredients that have never been combined before.

We find this statement hard to believe because we have seen numerous supplements with a very similar ingredients profile.

The advertising briefly mentions the clinical studies into this supplement,

…which, in clinical studies, have been shown to increase adult stem cell proliferation in vitro.

This simply means that the cells have been tested under lab conditions. There is no evidence anywhere that proves that this supplement will have the same effects in the human body.

Does LCR Health Active Stem work?

Let’s look at the facts. According to the product information, this powdered supplement harnesses the power of stem cell research, and by drinking this potion you will prevent cell damage and live longer and healthier. If this were really proven to be effective it would be the stem cell breakthrough of the century!

There is no evidence anywhere that proves that this supplement will work as described. There are no links to any independent research that proves that the ingredients contained in LCR Active Stem will encourage the proliferation of adult stem cells.

That said, it looks like a healthy drink without side effects.

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LCR Health Active Stem Ingredients

LCR Active Stem is a powdered supplement that you add to liquid in order to make a health drink. Each serving is equal to one 3.9 g scoop of powder, so there are obviously a lot of filler ingredients given that the proprietary blend adds up to just 1.4 g.

We would have liked to have provided the results of the clinical testing carried out by Dr Rand McClain but he does not provide this information. Instead, we will look at the individual ingredients.

  • Vitamin D ( as Cholecalciferol) ( 2.000 IU): Important for bone health and the prevention of old fashioned diseases such as rickets, vitamin D is also important for the immune system. In large doses, it can cause side effects but here in a reasonably safe serving size. Many scientists believe that we should all be taking more vitamin D because of its numerous health benefits.

Proprietary blend (1,400mg):

  • L Leucine: This amino acid is necessary for health and can only be obtained by diet; it is present in dairy, meat and fish. It is sometimes taken for weight loss and building muscle but it lacks any real evidence because this has been mainly tested on animals.
  • Blueberry fruit: Rich in antioxidants – molecules that have a protective effect upon cells because they inhibit oxidisation, blueberries are good for health especially when consumed as natural fruit.
  • Green tea extract: We all love green tea. When added to part of your regular diet it may have real health benefits. However, there is no real evidence it will help you live longer or do anything much when taken in supplement form. Although green tea contains antioxidants called polyphenols, which are proven to prevent damage caused by free radicals, this does not seem to make much difference to life span or health in supplement form.
  • L Carnosine: This combination of two amino acids Alanine and Histidine is manufactured in the body and is a substance that has an antioxidant effect which prevents free radical cell damage. This substance is been investigated as a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and other mental disorders such as autism but as yet results are not conclusive.

LCR Health Active Stem Side Effects

Side effects are unlikely. However, green tea contains caffeine so may cause mild caffeine-related side effects such as jitteriness and insomnia. L carnosine may cause blood pressure to drop. In addition, some of the ingredients may cause interactions with medication.

Caution: Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Speak to your doctor first if you are taking prescription medication as this supplement may cause interactions.

LCR Health Active Stem Customer Feedback

LCR Active Stem only seems to be on sale via the official LCR Health website so there is no platform for customer comments. However, we found some people discussing LCR Active Stem on the Hiya website.

There are some positive reviews but fellow reviewers have lambasted some of these as fake!

I am an Anthropologist and take my health seriously because no one else will. We, as individuals, are responsible for our health and well-being. I researched many supplements, and Active Stem is one of the few that have an iron-clad, 90-day money back guarantee. It can’t get any better than that. The product works, hence the confidence of their products!

We are inclined to agree with the reviewer who commented,

That’s obviously a fake review!

Others joined in the discussion. This customer asked the reviewer,

What results have you experienced? How long have you taken it? What health problems do you have, or did you have? This review tells me little, except that you were able to return it and get your money back. Great! But that speaks to nothing of the product itself, or you. Provide more information, please.

Another customer asked,

What did the stem cell product do for you? Your comments seemed to focus more on the money back guarantee, rather than the actual effectiveness of this product. Examples of what it did would be most helpful…

The reviewer did not reply to these questions.

One of the customer comments reports to trying the supplement. However, he was not as satisfied as the (fake) reviewer and had serious doubts about the supplement and the advertised guarantee.

I tried a couple of their products for a month, with no results or being reenergized in any way. I suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and their products did not help me. Also, I am currently having problems returning the products for a full refund. They want to only refund me for the unused portion, which is totally not the way it was presented to me when I purchased them. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau, and cancelling payments on my credit card.

LCR Health Active Stem Money-Back Guarantee

LCR Active Stem does come with an advertised 90-day guarantee. Here’s what the company says about it;

LCR Health is proud to offer a 90-Day, Ironclad Guarantee on every single order of Active Stem. If for any reason this revolutionary formula does not meet your expectations, simply send it back for a full refund of the purchase price.

You can even use the entire supply and simply send back the empty bottles — that’s how confident we are that you’ll love this incredible health breakthrough.

This sounds great if it is true, but according to one customer, LCR Health did not keep to this agreement.

Where To Buy LCR Health Active Stem

LCR Active Stem is only available direct from the official LCR Health website.

Watchdog Verdict

We are not impressed with LCR Health Active Stem. There is zero evidence that this powder will work in the way as advertised and increase adult stem cells as promised. This theory has never been tested on humans and, in addition, there is very little information about the so-called lab testing carried out by the company leader Dr Rand McLain.

We like that LCR Active Stem looks safe, but in our opinion, this supplement is unlikely to do anything more than countless other health drinks on the market. It is farcical that this product claims any relation to what stem cells and research into this area of biology can do. We do not recommend LCR Health Active Stem to our readers.

How does LCR Health Active Stem compare to OmniMind?

Criteria LCR Health Active Stem Comparison OmniMind
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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