Lumonol is a supplement that claims to upgrade your memory, focus, processing speed and brain functions. It is advertised via a very glossy looking website but it is hard to find any true life accounts from anyone actually taking this supplement. Does it work as well as the website looks? We take an in depth look at Lumonol to find out.

Lumonol is a supplement designed to enhance brain power. According to the product information it is manufactured in the USA in compliance with good manufacturing practice standards for a company called Avanse Nutraceuticals. However we can find nothing out about Avanse Nutraceuticals – this company does not even have a website!

Lumonol Pros

  • May not cause too many side effects

Lumonol Cons

  • Expensive supplement
  • Incomplete ingredients profile
  • Low ingredient quantities
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What You Need To Know About Lumonol

Lumonol is one of those supplements that look to be all style and no substance.

It is advertised via a flashy looking website but we have never heard of Avanse Nutraceuticals, the company behind it and there is no real proof that this supplement will work in the way as described. In addition Lumonol is only on sale from the official website and customers are encouraged to subscribe to auto billing.

What Are The Side Effects Of Lumonol?

There could be side effects when taking this supplement; High blood pressure, Low blood pressure, Changes to blood sugar levels, Allergic reaction, Nausea, Headaches, Vomiting, Rash, Dizziness, Insomnia, Diarrhoea, Mood changes

How Much Does Lumonol Cost?

Lumonol comes with a choice of deals. 1 x bottle of 60 capsules costs $59.97 if you buy as a one off purchase. If you sign up to auto billing where fresh supplies are sent to you each month and your credit card is charged automatically, this is reduced to $47.97.

Our Verdict On Lumonol

We do not rate Lumonol very highly. It comes with very little product information and there is zero information about Avanse Nutraceuticals, the company behind the supplement. This name may have a respectable ring to it, but we have never found a reputable company without a website or any information whatsoever as here. Usually supplement companies are keen to advertise their products but not this one.

We are sceptical about the claims made in the advertising. We can’t see this supplement doing much and the ingredients quantities are probably too low to be very effective. In addition you do run the risk of side effects when you take unresearched ingredients in unknown quantities as here.

In our opinion, Lumonol looks dodgy and we would be cautious about buying this supplement and with dealing direct with this company.

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Lumonol Review

Lumonol Facts

  • Contains 3 proprietary blends
  • Avanse Nutraceuticals is the so called company behind this supplement but it does not even have a website
  • Each bottle contains 60 capsules

Lumonol is a nootropic or smart pill as this type of supplement is also known. It is aimed at just about everyone, from students and college kids, to entrepreneurs and the elderly. After all most of us could do with a little extra brain power and although we may all be at different stages in life, we share this need.

Lumonol contains three blends of ingredients. There is the Focus blend designed to boost mental performance and concentration, the Energy blend to increase general energy levels and the Memory blend to help memory and recall.

Many of the ingredients contained in the supplement are derived from herbal extracts. These include Panax Ginseng, Guarana and Gingko Bilboa, all known for a stimulant effect.

In addition Lumonol contains Noopept – a manmade compound that is composed of N-Phenylacetyl-L-Prolylglycine Ethyl Ester. This peptide was invented in Russia and is widely used there as a potent nootropic supplement. It works by introducing oxygen to the brain and improving the way that glucose is used. Some users report a rush of mental clarity following taking.
Other ingredients include Alpha GPC known to boost the brains supply of acetylcholine, acetyl l carnitine – an amino acid known to improve memory and alertness and phosphatidyl serine which may help improve the connections in the brain.
We thought that the Lumonol name sounded familiar and were racking our brains trying to think of where we had heard of it before. As fans of detective fiction will know, the similarly named Luminiol is used to show up blood stains even when bleach has been used to cover them up. So is totally unrelated to this supplement.

Lumonol is a relatively new supplement on the market. We looked into the background and apart from the claims that the supplement is manufactured by a company called Avanse Nutraceuticals in the USA; we can find no further details.

How to Take Lumonol

Take 2 capsules per day to enjoy the most benefit. It is recommended you take 1 capsule with breakfast and a second capsule after lunch. Some people prefer to take two capsules together in the morning to kick start the day, and 1 later with lunch. Experiment and find out what works best for you. Lumonol‘s energy boosting Guarana and Hordenine content may cause a restless night’s sleep if taken in the evening.

Lumonol Concerns:

  • We are concerned about the lack of transparency surrounding this supplement and the company behind it.
  • Lumonol is expensive. This fairly weak supplement looks overpriced.
  • Although some of the ingredients may be a little light, this supplement may cause unpredictable side effects

What does Lumonol claim to do?

It claims to offer you “Limitless Possibilities” This is in reference to a film called Limitless that saw the hero taken a miraculous brain pill and become the cleverest person in the world. This will not happen if you take this nootropic supplement or any other so called brain pill. Limitless is a movie not real life.

According to the product information,

The ingredients of Lumonol have been shown to help with focus issues, bring clarity and help to those who struggle with poor productivity, distractions, occasional nervousness, uneasy feeling or occasional forgetful memory.

It continues,

Clients have reported feeling more focused and alert, at ease in social environments, on their A game at work, better motivated to train and push themselves, and experience feeling calmer, less stressed, and more in control.

It is suitable for:

Coding, Design, Creativity, night shifts, study sessions, entrepreneur, stage performance, attention issues, heavy night, big presentation. Whatever your reason Lumonol will have you on point

There is no evidence that any of this is true or will happen to you.

Does Lumonol work?

Lumonol may help keep you awake because it contains stimulants but whether this will also increase brain power is unproven. We don’t believe that taking this supplement is going to make you feel calmer and less stressed. Lumonol contains Hordenine – a stimulant that works on the androgenic system meaning that it causes the body to mimic the flight or fight response – the stress system that helps you get out of danger.

In our opinion this supplement may leave you feeling wired and shaky, rather than calm and in control.

What are the ingredients of Lumonol?

Lumonol contains three proprietary blends of ingredients so the customer cannot see the true amounts of each one.

Focus Blend (515mg)

  • Phosphatidylserine: Chemical that is manufactured in the body and an important part of your cell structure. Phosphatidylserine is taken in supplement form because it is believed to improve memory and thinking skills. Research has shown it may help dementia sufferers. Supplements are manufactured from either plant sources or from cows brains so there are concerns about contracting mad cow disease from supplements. Origin of the Phosphatidylserine used here is unknown.
  • Acetyl L Carnitine: Sometimes known as ALCAR, this amino acid helps the body produce and use energy and is vitally important for many body processes. There is evidence that it supports the neurons in the brain and improves the health of cells (mitochondria). It is known to have a stimulant effect but is not as effective as caffeine.
  • L Tyrosine: Amino acid that helps the body manufacture chemical messengers that directly involve the brain such as alertness. L Tyrosine can help keep you awake if you are deprived of sleep.
  • Noopept: Heralded as a miracle by some people, Noopept is the brand name of a supplement and smart drug invented in Russia which is getting popular with students as a study aid. There are concerns about safety and there is very little information available about optimum serving sizes and the effects long term use. However it is usually taken in higher quantities than here.
  • Energy Blend (430mg):

    • Panax Ginseng: Panax Ginseng is an Adaptogen which means it provides a general boost to energy and wellbeing that is not easy to scientifically define. There can be side effects but given that millions of people take Ginseng on a daily basis, it is probably safe for most people.
    • Hordenine: Stimulant derived from barley, this natural chemical reacts with the sympathetic nervous system in the body and can mimic the effects of the flight or fight response. Here in unknown quantities.
    • Guarana: South American bean which is high in caffeine and often drunk as an alternative to coffee. The average cup of coffee contains around 100mg of caffeine but as we cannot see the full ingredients information we have no idea whether the Guarana here will be extremely strong or too weak to even notice.

    Memory Blend (170mg):

    • Gingko Biloba: Originally used only in China over the last 2000 years as an important medicinal substance,, these days this herbal extract is growing increasingly popular in the west. It may help prevent cognitive decline and is often taken by older people for this reason. It may help protect against anxiety and other mental health problems. However it can cause a range of potentially threatening side effects
    • Alpha GPC: L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine is a natural choline compound that is already present in the brain but some research has shown that taking supplements can improve cognitive disorders such as strokes and Alzheimer’s disease. Studied daily doses are between 300mg and 1000mg, so unlikely to do much here.
    • Vitamin B12 (250mcg): Important vitamin for the production of blood cells and the functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Does Lumonol have any side effects?

Lumonol may cause side effects. These may include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Low blood pressure
  • Changes to blood sugar levels
  • Allergic reaction
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Rash
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhoea
  • Mood changes

Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Speak to your doctor first if you suffer from an underlying medical condition or are taking prescription medication. Cease use and seek medical advice if you experience side effects or an allergic reaction.

Are there any customer reviews for Lumonol?

There are no customer reviews available for Lumonol. This supplement is only sold via the official website and there is no place for customer feedback.

Does Lumonol offer a money-back guarantee?

There seems to be a money back guarantee on offer but on closer inspection, this is not as good as it seems. The 90 day money back guarantee covers only unopened bottles so is not more than a standard returns policy.

Where can I buy Lumonol?

You can only buy Lumonol from the official product website. The company encourage you to sign up to auto billing where fresh supplies are sent each month and the payment is taken out directly from your credit card account. This option comes at a slight discount price though will undoubtedly work out more expensive than a one off purchase. In our experience auto billing can be very hard to cancel.

1 x bottle (the Discovery Pack) contains 60 capsules. If you buy as a onetime purchase, it costs $59.97.

Sign up to auto billing and it costs $47.97.

You get discounts and free gifts on larger orders.

The 3 bottle voyager pack (180 capsules) comes with a free trial – the 30 day brain boosting trial. This costs $119.00 and includes free US shipping.

Another option is the 2 bottle supernova pack. This comprises of 1 bottle of Lumonol and 1 free bottle of Nova – said to enhance relaxation. This costs $88.97 as a one off purchase. Sign up to auto billing and this price is reduced to $71.17 including free shipping.

The Student option comprises of 2 x bottles of Lumonol and 1 bottle of Nova. This costs $109.00 including free US shipping.


2.2 out of 5
Editors Rating
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price
The most popular consumer choice in 2021 is OmniMind

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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