Mind Nutrition Ultracholine

With more and more of us feeling the pressure, and experiencing a high mental load, it is little wonder that many people turn to nootropic supplements in the hope that they can give them a little bit of a boost. Mind Nutrition Ultracholine is a nootropic supplement designed to boost the acetylcholine – a neurotransmitter – in the brain, and consequently improve mood, and boost cognition and memory.

Below we will take an in-depth look at Mind Nutrition Ultracholine, to see if it could really provide these benefits as well as deciding whether it is safe to take.

Mind Nutrition Ultracholine Pros

  • Doesn’t contain any caffeine
  • Contains some good ingredients for brain health
  • Made in the UK

Mind Nutrition Ultracholine Cons

  • One bottle will only last 10 days
  • Lots of potential side effects
  • No independent feedback
Watchdog Rejected

Mind Nutrition Ultracholine

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Mind Nutrition Ultracholine Overview

What You Need To Know About Mind Nutrition Ultracholine

Mind Nutrition Ultracholine is a nootropic supplement designed to increase acetylcholine levels to balance out and optimize neurotransmitter levels and other brain functions. It, therefore, aims to improve mood and concentration and decrease anxiety levels.

One bottle contains 30 capsules, and it is recommended that a consumer takes 3 capsules per day which means that one bottle, costing £19.95, will only last for 10 days!

Mind Nutrition is based in the UK, however there is no information at all available about the company on the official website, which does concern us.

What Are The Side Effects Of Mind Nutrition Ultracholine?

Mind Nutrition Ultracholine could cause a consumer to have some side effects.

Uridine can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea. Choline appears to be well-tolerated in general, but could cause side effects including sweating, a fishy body odour, gastrointestinal distress, diarrhoea, and vomiting.

Huperzine A can cause some side effects such as nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, sweating, blurred vision, slurred speech, restlessness, loss of appetite, contraction and twitching of muscle fibres, cramping, increased saliva and urine, inability to control urination, high blood pressure, and slowed heart rate.

Alpha GPC can cause side effects in some people including heartburn, headache, insomnia, dizziness, skin rash, and confusion.

How Much Does Mind Nutrition Ultracholine Cost?

Mind Nutrition Ultracholine doesn’t appear to be too expensive at £19.95 for a bottle of 30 capsules, until you realise that one bottle will only last you for 10 days if the maximum dose of 3 capsules is taken.

Our Verdict On Mind Nutrition Ultracholine

Mind Nutrition Ultracholine contains some ingredients that could help to boost cognitive function. However, quite of few of these ingredients, such as Uridine Monophosphate and Alpha-GPC (α-Glyceryl-Phosphoryl-Choline) appear to be underdosed.

Huperzine-A is thought to be a cognitive enhancer but its use should be cycled, with breaks in usage every few weeks so it isn’t a good idea to take this supplement every day.

Alpha-GPC is often used by athletes due to its ability to enhance growth hormone production and to enhance power output, however, again the levels in this supplement are too low to have any effect. A good dose was found to be 600mg – however one serving of this product provides only 100mg, so it is highly underdosed here.

Overall, Mind Nutrition Ultracholine has some good ingredients for brain health, but falls incredibly short with the dosages that a consumer would receive and there are also lots of potential side effects.

Ultracholine is unlikely to be worth the high price tag, and that the inconvenience of one bottle will only last you for 10 days if you take the maximum dose – which is probably required to get any potential benefits from such low doses.

Added to that the fact there are no independent customer reviews to be found and no money-back guarantee, and we cannot possibly approve this product.

Overall, we do not recommend Mind Nutrition Ultracholine to our readers.

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Mind Nutrition Ultracholine Key Features

Mind Nutrition Ultracholine is a supplement to improve memory and mood, whilst reducing anxiety and getting rid of brain fog. It aims to provide complete replenishment of acetylcholine, and it is suitable for vegans due to the capsule being made from Pullulan – a polysaccharide polymer.

Mind Nutrition Ultracholine Facts

  • Each bottle contains 30 capsules
  • Nootropic product
  • Manufactured in the UK by Mind Nutrition

Mind Nutrition Ultracholine does have some ingredients that could help to improve memory focus and mood, including Huperzine A. However, the levels of Huperzine A are very low, and therefore unlikely to have any positive effects on memory. As well as this, it should be cycled occasionally so isn’t suitable for continued use, and it comes with lots of potential side effects.

How to Take Mind Nutrition Ultracholine

  • As a dietary supplement, take 1-3 capsules between meals to accelerate acetylcholine replenishment and synthesis, promote receptor growth and optimize essential brain nutrient levels. Do not exceed six capsules in any 24 hour period unless otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.

Uridine monophosphate does appear to have potentially cognitive enhancing properties. However, Ultracholine contains low levels of 255mg at the maximum daily dose, when the suggested dosage for these effects is 500-1000mg.

Mind Nutrition Ultracholine Concerns:

  • Expensive and may not work
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Some ingredients shouldn’t be taken continuously

Ultrachloline is manufactured by Mind Nutrition, a company based in London, UK. They can be contacted by the phone number provided on their website or the contact form.

What Does Mind Nutrition Ultracholine Claim To Do?

Ultracholine claims to stimulate acetylcholine production and synthesis to balance out and optimize essential neurotransmitter levels, amongst other vital brain functions.

They say it improves memory, concentration levels, and mood, while reducing anxiety and keeping away brain fog by increasing dopamine levels.

Does Mind Nutrition Ultracholine Work?

We think it is unlikely to work as described, as the dosages are mostly too low to have any cognitive benefits. There could be some slight improvements in mood, but these are likely to be minimal, if any.

Alpha-GPC has a lot more clinical support than the majority of nootropic ingredients, but still needs to be researched in the cognitively healthy for nootropic benefits. The dosage used in this supplement is only 100mg; the typical daily dosages for nootropic benefits range between 300mg and 600mg.

What Are The Ingredients of Mind Nutrition Ultracholine?

The ingredients used in Mind Nutrition Ultracholine are listed below. The ingredient quantities listed are correct for 3 capsules:

  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL) 15mg: Has several important functions in the body, including allowing the body to use and store energy from protein and carbohydrates in food. Source
  • Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) 1mg: Naturally present in many foods. It has several roles, including aiding in releasing energy from consumed food, and keeping the nervous system healthy. It may be that a deficiency hinders weight loss, but taking excess amounts could be potentially harmful. Source
  • Microalgae DHA 1,210mg: This is a type of Omega 3 Fatty acid. Fish oil contains both docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), two different types of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients that are important in preventing and managing heart disease, but that also have numerous other benefits. Findings show omega-3 fatty acids may help to; improve skin and hair quality, help to protect against cognitive decline, lower blood pressure, reduce triglycerides, slow the development of plaque in the arteries, reduce the chance of abnormal heart rhythm, reduce the likelihood of heart attack and stroke, and lessen the chance of sudden cardiac death in people with heart disease. Source
  • Uridine 5’-Monophosphate Disodium Salt 255mg: This nucleotide base appears to have the potential to improve cognitive function and reduce the symptoms of depression. Recommended dosages fall between 500mg and 1000mg, much more than is found here. Source
  • Citicoline 210mg: Citocoline appears to improve attention, and could improve memory. However, the dose used in the memory study was much higher than the dosage used here, and the relevant study focused upon the elderly. Source
  • α-Glyceryl-Phosphoryl-Choline 100mg: More commonly known as Alpha-GPC, a natural chemical which is usually derived from Soya and is a by-product of fatty acid production. It is a precursor for the production of acetylcholine – a neurotransmitter in the brain that stimulates muscle movement, memory and learning.
  • Huperzia Serrata Extract 90mcg: Huperzine-A is found in Huperzia serrata, and is thought to be a cognitive enhancer. Previous studies have found it to be effective as a memory enhancer for adults suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. Because of the relatively long half-life of this compound, its use should be cycled, with breaks in usage every few weeks. Source
  • Other Ingredients: Pullulan (capsule)

Does Mind Nutrition Ultracholine Have Any Side Effects?

Uridine can cause:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea

Choline appears to be well-tolerated in general, but could cause side effects including:

  • Sweating
  • A fishy body odour
  • Gastrointestinal distress
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting

Huperzine A can cause:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Blurred vision
  • Slurred speech
  • Restlessness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Contraction and twitching of muscle fibres
  • Cramping
  • Increased saliva and urine
  • Inability to control urination
  • High blood pressure
  • Slowed heart rate

Alpha GPC can cause side effects in some people including:

  • Heartburn
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness
  • Skin rash
  • Confusion

Do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding or under the age of 18. Consult with a medical practitioner before taking this nutritional supplement, if you have or suspect a medical condition or are taking any medications or dietary supplements. If you experience any adverse reactions from taking this product, discontinue use immediately and contact a healthcare practitioner.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Mind Nutrition Ultracholine?

We were unable to find any independent reviews of Mind Nutrition Ultracholine.

Does Mind Nutrition Ultracholine Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Mind Nutrition does not offer a money-back guarantee. It is also impossible to look at their returns policy at all without logging in to the site.

Where Can I Buy Mind Nutrition Ultracholine?

You can buy Mind Nutrition Ultracholine from the official website.

How does Mind Nutrition Ultracholine compare to OmniMind?

Criteria Mind Nutrition Ultracholine Comparison OmniMind
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Mind Nutrition Ultracholine

1.4 out of 5
Mind Nutrition Ultracholine Rating

The Nootropic Watchdog does not recommend Mind Nutrition Ultracholine.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee
The most popular consumer choice in 2020 is OmniMind

Containing ingredients that have been clinically tested and boasting a 30-day money-back guarantee, OmniMind is quickly rising to the top of the nootropic world.

Find out why people are choosing OmniMind to achieve advanced brain performance, and why it's our editor's top pick.

Read the Nootropic Watchdog OmniMind review here.

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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