NutriDrip NutriBRAIN

NutriDrip NutriBRAIN is a nootropic treatment that claims to deliver a blend of brain boosting nutritional ingredients straight into your blood stream via an intravenous drip. It looks pretty wacky to us, but as people are paying good money for this treatment, could NutriDrip NutriBRAIN really be worth a try? We find out.

NutriDrip is a New York based company that offers intravenous drips for health benefits. There are two New York based clinics offering this therapy and if you live in the New York area, you can also have it carried out in the comfort of your own home. NutriDrip are looking for franchisees, so we guess the aim is to get this new system out there across America and beyond.

NutriDrip NutriBRAIN Pros

  • May have a temporary effect
  • If you have got more money than sense and fancy a pretend medical procedure with a nurse, you might enjoy this treatment

NutriDrip NutriBRAIN Cons

  • Very expensive
  • Unproven treatment that may not provide noticeable nootropic benefits.
  • No customer feedback available
Watchdog Rejected

NutriDrip NutriBRAIN

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What You Need To Know About NutriDrip NutriBRAIN

NutriDrip is an intravenous therapy treatment only currently available in New York, but the company have plans to expand and bring it to a wider audience. NutriBRAIN is a nootropic treatment so if you are tired or suffering from brain fog, the idea is that delivering the active ingredients direct into your blood stream by a drip will reenergize your mental faculties. There is no evidence that NutriBRAIN will work as described, and at $600 for three sessions it is very expensive.

What Are The Side Effects Of NutriDrip NutriBRAIN?

Potential side effects may include; bruising, swelling, and discomfort on the site of the cannula (where the drip is attached to your body). You may also experience; diarrhoea, vomiting, or nausea.

How Much Does NutriDrip NutriBRAIN Cost?

NutriBRAIN is very expensive. If you go to one of the Drip Lounges it costs $199.00 per session. You are encouraged to take a three session program so this adds up to almost $600. Each treatment seems to last around 15 minutes.

The prices for the Concierge Service are not provided.

Our Verdict On NutriDrip NutriBRAIN

In our opinion, NutriDrip NutriBRAIN is nothing more than an overpriced novelty treatment and there is no evidence that it will work as described. Although both the ingredients may have promise for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, there is no real evidence that they will improve mental functioning, mood, and energy as the advertising claims.

That said, Glutathione is an important antioxidant that may provide numerous health benefits and because this ingredient is unsuitable for taking orally where it is destroyed by the digestive system, you may notice some overall benefit to health. However, why would you want or need this? Glutathione is administered in this way to people undergoing chemotherapy to counter the side effects, but seems totally unnecessary for use like this.

We would have loved to have found some customer reviews for NutriBRAIN but if anyone has even tried this therapy, nobody is talking about the experience. At the end of the day there is zero customer feedback, no proof at all that it will work, and a whopping bill of $600 for this pretend medical procedure!

There is no way we would try such a nonsensical so called treatment therapy, and therefore we do not recommend NutriDrip NutriBRAIN to our readers.

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NutriDrip NutriBRAIN Review

NutriDrip NutriBRAIN is a nootropic blend that contains PTC (Phosphatidylcholine), a natural chemical in the body and also present in some foods including eggs. It also contains L-Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant produced naturally by the liver and present in fruit and veg and meat.

Both these substances may have some neuroprotective benefits. PCT can increase acetyl choline in the brain – the principle neurotransmitter, and both have undergone testing as a treatment for memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease with some very promising results. Check out the ingredients tab to find out more.

Although PCT and L-Glutathione are present in a normal healthy diet, taking in supplement form will deliver greater levels of the chemicals than by diet alone. NutriDrip have taken this idea even further delivering ingredients straight into your body via an intravenous drip.

NutriDrip NutriBRAIN Facts

  • Each treatment (1 bag each time) costs $199.00
  • You are advised to take 3 treatments within 9 days
  • The most popular NutriDrip treatments appear to be the hangover cures

Administering an intravenous drip is a medical procedure, and we wondered about the safety of this process in untrained hands? However according to the NutriDrip information, the company was founded by a doctor called Dr Maurice Beer and the NutriDrip salons are staffed by trained medical professionals.

At the time of writing there are two NutriDrip centres, both based in New York where you can choose a range of Drip treatments to address numerous health issues, and if your idea of a good time is to sit in what looks like a chemotherapy suite, connected to a drip you may find this idea appealing. However, if you have ever done this for real, you will know that attaching a drip can be unpleasant and painful for some people, leaving bruising and tenderness. We actually shuddered at the look of the little medical looking NutriDrip plastic pouches.

How to Take NutriDrip NutriBRAIN

  • You need to visit a NutriDrip Drip Centre or make a home appointment so that the treatment can be carried out by a trained medical professional.

NutriDrip also offer a Concierge Service where a NutriDrip nurse will come to your home, hotel, or office, and administer the drip for an additional fee. We can see that this may be a popular option for the three hangover treatments on offer – Basic, Super, or Mega, depending on what sort of night you have had. Presumably the trained nurse will also offer sympathy and sooth your brow while the drip is running through your body. We think it unlikely that she will also cook you a fry up, which as everybody knows is the best hangover cure known to anyone!

NutriDrip NutriBRAIN Concerns:

  • Making improvements to your lifestyle will be better for your mental health and energy levels than this so called nootropic treatment
  • No feedback. No guarantees that it will do anything at all
  • Spending $199.00 for each one of these treatments is not good value for money

We covered a weight loss treatment called NutriDrip NutriSkinny in a previous review on our sister site the Diet Pill Watchdog.

There are 14 NutriDrip treatments to choose from, including an anti aging drip called Anti Aging at a Cellular Level, and a drip to boost immunity to illness called Nutroimmunity, and more.

What Does NutriDrip NutriBRAIN Claim To Do?

According to the advertising you should use NutriBRAIN,

“To fight exhaustion and enhance your concentration and focus levels, particularly useful before a busy work period or if you’re on a deadline.”

The NutriDrip will help you,

“Get an edge on the competition and is formulated to enhance cognitive ability, memory, concentration and mood elevation.”

The product information explains how the ingredients work,

“PTC is so powerful, it is currently being used to treat severe neurological illnesses like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia. Paired with Glutathione which is known as the brain’s master antioxidant, this amazing phospholipid is used to sharpen a healthy brain and combat the effects of attention deficiency.

Fight memory loss and brain fog and thrive at your next work conference or big exam with the NutriBRAIN.”

NutriBRAIN is recommended if you have any of the following conditions,

  • Excessive stress
  • Before a big exam or work meeting
  • Technology overload (blackberry, computer, cell phone, iPod)
  • Mental fog / unable to focus
  • Depression / moodiness
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Excessive overtime at work or late night studying
  • A generally demanding work schedule

Does NutriDrip NutriBRAIN Work?

If the only way you feel you can keep up and perform to your top mental ability is by taking an expensive and unproven intravenous drip treatment, you might want to ask yourself why?

Perhaps you are in the wrong job or are taking a college course that you are just not mentally equipped to cope with? Maybe you should take a long hard look at yourself and if you can’t cut it in your chosen profession or college course, perhaps just give it up and do something else!

If you are really suffering from chronic fatigue caused by lack of sleep and too much work, perhaps you should try and address these specific issues?

Alternatively, perhaps it is a lack of confidence that is causing your insecurities, and some counselling or confidence building techniques would be more effective at helping you cope with your life?

The NutriBRAIN drip may have a temporary effect. It may work as described, but it looks like a novelty dressed up as a pretend medical procedure to cure conditions that could easily be sorted out by lifestyle changes.

What Are The Ingredients of NutriDrip NutriBRAIN?

The NutriBRAIN pouches are delivered via intravenous drip. You are advised to take three treatments over 9 days, with the active ingredients delivered in increasingly strong amounts. NutriDrip NutriBRAIN Level 1 contains 500 ml. Each treatment appears to take 15 minutes.

  • PTC (Phosphatidylcholine): Natural bodily chemical that is a precursor to acetylcholine – the brain‘s principle neurotransmitter. PCT is a phospholipid, a substance that is present in all cell membranes, but in this case is part of the system that creates choline and then acetyl choline. Testing on mice found that PCT may slow down age related mental deterioration, and in 2017 a study found that Alzheimer’s sufferers did have low levels of PCT. However, there is no real evidence that PCT will improve mental performance as claimed, although it may have other medical benefits. PCT in the form of intravenous drip or injection is classified in the USA as an unapproved drug, and not a dietary supplement. Source
  • L-Glutathione: Antioxidant produced in the body by the liver, and used by every cell in the body where it is used for repair and maintenance and the immune system. It is not suitable for use in oral supplements because it breaks down so rapidly in the digestive system, but it can be effective when delivered intravenously. Because of its power to repair, it is often used as a treatment in cancer because it can help the body recover from chemotherapy treatment. L Glutathione improves mitochondrial health throughout the body, so it is considered a potent nootropic compound because it can help reduce oxidative stress and remove free radicals. Source

Does NutriDrip NutriBRAIN Have Any Side Effects?

NutriDrip NutriBRAIN may cause side effects.

You may experience bruising, swelling, and discomfort on the site of the cannula – the device that enables the drip to be attached to the body. Some people experience pain when this is inserted, especially if the veins are small or contract.

PCT may cause;

  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea

Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Get some independent medical advice before you choose this treatment in case of adverse effects or interactions.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For NutriDrip NutriBRAIN?

There are no customer reviews for NutriDrip NutriBRAIN. There are a couple of comments left by customers on the NutriDrip Facebook page but neither tells us much.

Comments include;

Nurse Holly arrived on schedule and brought me back to life with the Nutrimmunity drip and 10ccs of glutathione. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Ask for Ellie! Not only does she rejuvenate you, but she’s wonderful!

Does NutriDrip NutriBRAIN Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

There is no money back guarantee on offer.

Where Can I Buy NutriDrip NutriBRAIN?

At the time of writing this company is only operating in New York.

There are two Drip Lounge treatment centres in New York, with a third Drip Lounge planned soon which will be located in Midtown.

Addresses are as follows;

DRIP LOUNGE – EAST VILLAGE; Lower Spa level, east 1st st. NYC
DRIP LOUNGE – FLATIRON; 22 East 21st Street. 6R

You can also use the In Home Concierge Service, where the Nurses visit you within as little as 30 minutes of your call. This means you can enjoy NutriDrip in the comfort of your home, office, or hotel.

NutriDrip NutriBRAIN

1.6 out of 5
NutriDrip NutriBRAIN Rating

The Nootropic Watchdog does not recommend NutriDrip NutriBRAIN.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee
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