Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch

Sometimes there can be such a thing as too much coffee, so when we found the wonderfully-named Snarky Tea company’s equally wonderfully-named “Fierce B*tch” tea, we wanted to find out if it had the nootropic capability to keep our brain cells from slowing down to a complete halt.

So we decided to look into Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch to see how fierce it really is.

Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch Pros

  • Lots of antioxidants
  • Good for more than just the brain
  • Fun packaging

Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch Cons

  • Feels like you’re paying for the packaging, not the product
  • Contains less than half the caffeine of an average cup of drip coffee
  • We’d like to know what those “natural and artificial flavors” are
Watchdog Rejected

Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch

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What You Need To Know About Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch

Fierce B*tch comprises an attractively-designed and fun-to-read container of 15 whole leaf tea sachets. These, in their turn, contain black tea, rose petals and some mysterious “Natural & Artificial Flavors” which are described as gluten free.

Rose tea, Snarky Tea tells us, contains a large amount of polyphenols as well as several other antioxidants. So presumably those rose petals come under the heading of “rose tea”.

What Are The Side Effects Of Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch?

We’re not too sure – after all, what could the side effects of any cup of tea ever be? It’s got a five (out of five) rose caffeine content, whatever that may mean, and that’s the only indication of how much caffeine you’re going to get in a cup. Apparently no matter how long you steep your tea bag in boiling water, the caffeine content of that cup is established in the first few seconds. So there’s no point in leaving the teabag in for longer in the hopes of extracting more caffeine.

So, side effects: best we can suggest is the possibility of needing one or two extra bathroom breaks at most, thanks to any diuretic effect that caffeine may have on you.

How Much Does Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch Cost?

For 15 attractively-packaged tea sachets, we’re looking at $12.99 when ordered from the Snarky Tea website.

Our Verdict On Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch

We love the marketing for all of the Snarky Tea products, even though we’re not exactly part of the sisterhood.

But when it comes to the polyphenol content of Fierce B*tch (that’s those antioxidants looking after body and brain) we’re a little dubious about how well they’re going to work for us. For example, many types of polyphenols are water-soluble. So they’d be destroyed when being digested. Other types are fat-soluble, so maybe a couple of high-calorie cookies with that cup of Fierce B*tch would help its polyphenol content do its thing.

The big question, then, is what type of polyphenols are we going to find in Fierce B*tch? Sadly, it seems they’re water-soluble, and therefore not as beneficial as they’re made out to be. All in all, we’re not exactly convinced Fierce B*tch is going to give us that mental edge we’d been hoping for.

And when it comes to those “natural and artificial flavors” who knows what else is in Fierce B*tch? We don’t. But it would be nice to know exactly what (and how much of it) we’re stirring into our teacup.

So despite Snarky Tea’s very appealing snarkiness, we’re still going to have to be snarky right back at them, as we do not recommend Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch to our readers,

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Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch Review

We feel Fierce B*tch is a tad pricey on a per-teabag basis, but then again we are paying for some pretty funky packaging.

Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch Facts

  • Don’t get us wrong – we love Snarky Tea’s snarky style, even if they insist on putting asterisks in their product names instead of spelling them out in full
  • Their products include such attractively-named teas as “Wake the F**k up” for mornings, “Calm the F**k Down” for evenings, and “Get Your Sh*t Together” for those times in between
  • But reading through their website and the text on all of their products, we can’t help feeling that Snarky Tea is more about empowering the sisterhood than drinking tea. But, hey – maybe that’s just us

As for the contents, we’re not sure how funky they are in real life: those polyphenols Snarky TEa make so much fuss about are water-soluble and can therefore get destroyed in the digestion process. (Incidentally, you’ll find more of those polyphenols in green tea than in the black tea Snarky Tea use.)

We checked out ellagic acid in the rose petals on WebMD to see why they were included in Fierce B*tch, but since we’re told there that it’s used for cancer prevention and treatment of viral and bacterial infections, we couldn’t see the connection. Besides, it’s not easy to absorb and is also, “eliminated quickly from the body”.

How to Take Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch

Since we never found any instructions, we’d have to assume you drop a teabag into a cup of boiling water, leave it to infuse for a couple of minutes, and add milk and sugar to taste if required.

As for the quercetin in those rose petals, it’s an effective anti-inflammatory, not just for the brain, but also around the whole body.

Then again, Snarky Tea might just have included rose petals for their vitamin C content. Or their taste.

Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch Concerns:

  • We’re concerned about those flavorings being listed as simply “Natural & Artificial Flavors”
  • And as for those polyphenols, they appear to be water-soluble and so will be lost in the digestion process
  • And we can’t help thinking it’s really much more about the marketing than any of the products

What Does Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch Claim To Do?

From the website, “Our distinctive rosy black tea is beautiful on the outside and fierce on the inside…. just like you. Drink great tea, do great things.”

Does Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch Work?

That’s a good question. On the basis that tea contains caffeine, known to be a good brain-booster, then yes, Fierce B*tch’s going to work, but without as much of a jolt to the system as, say, that of a regular cup of Joe.

So it might be worthwhile having some on hand for those days when yet another cup of coffee is going to be one cup too many.

But as for any kind of nootropic qualities, we have to say we haven’t found any.

What Are The Ingredients of Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch?

Black tea, rose petals, and those mysterious “Natural & Artificial Flavors”.

Does Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch Have Any Side Effects?

There’s the possibility of quercetin interacting with antibiotic, chemotherapy, and blood-thinning medications, but since we don’t know how much is contained in Fierce B*tch, we can’t be sure whether there’s enough to create any interactions in the first place.

So the best we can advise in this case is to be prepared for an extra bathroom break or two.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch?

Some people love the teas themselves,

Keep up the amazing teas. They are as fabulous as unicorns farting glitter.

while others love the packaging,

Given as a gift at a retirement party last night…Your packaging was a HUGE hit.

while others love both,

Love your tea, the branding, and especially the clever packaging. Definitely ordering again!

But we haven’t found anybody who loves the nootropic effect of any of those teas.

Does Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch offers returns or exchanges within 15 days of the purchase date.

Where Can I Buy Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch?

You can order Snarky Tea from the official website, and it’s also available from selected retailers throughout North America, from Woodstock to Medicine Hat, and many other stores in between.

Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch

2.3 out of 5
Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch Rating

The Nootropic Watchdog does not recommend Snarky Tea Fierce B*tch.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee
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